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Pico-8 Lua API Reference

programming lua pico8

8 months ago

Awesome Pico-8

A collection of Pico-8 references.

pico8 programming games

8 months ago

Clear Code

A guide to writing clear code for the Pico-8 platform.

pico8 programming

8 months ago

Pico-8 Console

A fantasy gaming console that boots to a lua shell and includes game-making abilities built in.

games pico8

8 months ago

Tutor4U YouTube channel

A channel dedicated to beginner Blender tutorials.

blender video 3d

8 months ago

The Secret of NIMH - The Great Owl

Exceptional 3D scene done in Blender. Damn, this is so good! What a great site to explore, too.

art blender 3d sketchfab inspiration

8 months ago

Pingdom Website Speed Test

A tool from Pingdom that analyzes the performance of a URL.

tools pingdom web

9 months ago

Paris, Texas (1984)

movies tosee

9 months ago

Rapid Web Development w/ Buffalo (Introduction) by Gopher Academy

buffalo golang tutorial web

9 months ago

Lee Me Kyeoung

Beautiful work in acrylic ink.

acrylic ink art artist lee me kyeoung

10 months ago

Berkeley AI Materials

UC Berkley’s Introductory AI course.

ai course education

10 months ago

The Anatomy of Games

“Defunct, amateurish, game design analysis by Jeremy Parish.” He may call them amateurish, but they are fun to read.

analysis games

10 months ago

GoAccess - Visual Web Log Analyzer

Ditch GA for something like this.

analytics web

11 months ago

Grokking Deep Learning

A book that purports to teach Deep Learning from an intuitive perspective without advanced math.

ai programming python

1 year ago

Material Design Icons

Nice list of free, simple, well-done icons.

icons resource

1 year ago

Flexbox in 5 minutes

An interactive tutorial that teaches you Flexbox.

flexbox html tutorial web

2 years ago

Low poly gifs of scenes from different movies, created by artist Bruno Alberto

I love these. One Redditor was inspired enough to create similar stuff so they contacted the original creator about tools and responded with the following:

I actually messaged him a couple of weeks ago asking for pointers on getting started. I'll edit this tomorrow to include the training material he sent me. SUPER cool guy and very friendly, I didn't expect a response, but he replied in less than a minute.

Promised Edit:

Tool used: Blender

Training materials:

Link to scenes on Imgur

animation blender bruno alberto

2 years ago

David Cheifetz on Gumroad

Currently, 2 videos from David Cheifetz on Oil Painting. Saw him on Instagram the other day and love his stuff.

art artist david cheifetz video

2 years ago

Nicolas Delort

Nicolas Delort is a fantastic artist that uses scratchboard as a medium.

art artist inspiration scratchboard

2 years ago

Learn F# on GitBook

Some initial work done on a few introductory F# books.

book fsharp gitbook

2 years ago