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Algorithms Illuminated

Contains video links to Youtube videos.

programming algorithms video

1 year ago

BYTEPATH: A tutorial on making a game in Love 2D

games programming lua love toread

1 year ago

Braid: An ML-like language that compiles to Go

I’d really like for something like this to be production-ready.

ml golang programming languages

1 year ago

Generative Artistry

Interactive tutorials by Tim Holman on making generative art using JS.

javascript art generative art programming

2 years ago

The Total Beginner's Guide to Game AI

games programming ai

2 years ago


“Bitwise is an educational project where we create the software/hardware stack for a computer from scratch.”

bitwise hardware programming educational

2 years ago


A code dojo that walks you through learning the SAFE stack.

fsharp dojo tutorial programming web

2 years ago

Hacking With Swift

books swift programming

2 years ago

Modeling with Union Types


2 years ago

Introduction to Computer Organization: ARM Assembly Language Using the Raspberry Pi

programming pi book

2 years ago

ML for the Working Programmer

book toread ml programming

2 years ago

Real World Ocaml 2nd Edition

A preview of the second edition of Real World OCaml is available online.

book ocaml programming ml

2 years ago

How I Structure Elm Apps

A pattern for structuring Elm applications. This could also apply to Elmish.

elm programming blog

2 years ago

ClojureScript/Reagent Game Dev Links

games clojure programming tutorials

2 years ago

Spellbook of Modern Web Dev

A curated and catagorized list of web development links.

programming web

2 years ago

Making of: Line drawing tutorial

An interactive tutorial about making interactive tutorials

programming tutorial explorables

2 years ago

Pico-8 Lua API Reference

programming lua pico8

2 years ago

Awesome Pico-8

A collection of Pico-8 references.

pico8 programming games

2 years ago

Clear Code

A guide to writing clear code for the Pico-8 platform.

pico8 programming

2 years ago

Grokking Deep Learning

A book that purports to teach Deep Learning from an intuitive perspective without advanced math.

ai programming python

3 years ago