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Curl Converter

Converts a curl command into your programming language of choice.

tools programming curl networking

3 weeks ago


A JavaScript library for creating browser games quickly and easily. Created by Kenta Cho, the prolific game developer behind ABA Games.

games programming javascript kenta cho

1 month ago

Hypermedia Systems

A book on htmx cowritten by the author of htmx.

books programming web htmx

6 months ago

Ted Kaminksi Article Archive

cs programming blog

6 months ago

Master the Go Standard Library

YouTube playlist for Golang Cafe’s series.

golang video tutorial programming

8 months ago


See Introduction to Unxtal, the assembly language, and Intro to Uxn Programming.

programming fantasy console

1 year ago

Build Your Own X

A list of tutorials for projects in various languages.

programming projects

2 years ago

Design of Computer Programs

A free course taught by Peter Norvig

programming courses peter norvig

2 years ago

The Raytracer Challenge

books programming jamis buck

2 years ago

Compiler Podcast: The Race to Replace C and C++

podcasts zig programming odin

2 years ago

Teaching How to Code is Broken

pedagogy programming

2 years ago


zig programming challenges

2 years ago

NASM Assembly Language Tutorials

asm tutorial assembly programming

2 years ago


“Learn RegEx step by step, from zero to advanced.”

regex tutorial programming

2 years ago

A Programmer's Introduction to Mathematics

Recommended by Keith Peters

books programming math

2 years ago

Let's create a basic CRUD with Rust using tide

rust tide programming web tutorial

2 years ago

The Little Book of Rust Macros

rust macros books programming

2 years ago

Malleable Systems Collective

Promoting malleable systems (programs/solutions that can be changed by the user).

programming design tools

2 years ago

Learn Go with Tests

books programming golang

3 years ago


languages programming lisp carp

3 years ago