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Free voxel editor.

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1 month ago

Dead Static Drive

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2 months ago


games toplay

2 months ago

Procedural Generation SubReddit

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3 months ago

ClojureScript/Reagent Game Dev Links

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7 months ago

Dead Cells

It’s Steam only for now, the developer has hinted at a Switch port.

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8 months ago

Awesome Pico-8

A collection of Pico-8 references.

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8 months ago

Pico-8 Console

A fantasy gaming console that boots to a lua shell and includes game-making abilities built in.

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8 months ago

The Anatomy of Games

“Defunct, amateurish, game design analysis by Jeremy Parish.” He may call them amateurish, but they are fun to read.

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10 months ago

PICO-8: Fantasy Console

A software “console” target that allows you to write and play constrained games on the web.

See TIS-100 also.

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2 years ago

30 Years Later, One Man Is Still Trying To Fix Video Games

This is so good: For truth! For beauty! For art! Charge!. How many people can be this compelling in front of a crowded room?

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4 years ago

Impossible Mission. Commodore 64 remake in javaScript.

Stay awhile…stay forever!

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4 years ago

Gemini Rue


4 years ago