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Pixel Vision 8

A fantasy console with a more graphical bent and swappable constraints.

pv8 retro fantasy console games programming

4 days ago

Hero Icons

Open source icons

icons resource

5 days ago

Linux Kernel Teaching

This is a collection of lectures and labs Linux kernel topics.

linux cs

2 weeks ago

Voxel Space

Terrain rendering algorithm in less than 20 lines of code.

gamedev programming cs

3 weeks ago

The Virtual Production of Mandalorian

vfx mandalorian unreal engine ilm disney

1 month ago

Amazon Empire

frontline amazon documentary

1 month ago

World of Horror

games toplay

1 month ago

The Architecture of Open Source Applications

book tutorial cs

1 month ago

Command Challenge

unix cli tutorial

1 month ago

The Missing Semester of Your CS Education

Lots of focus on environment tooling.

classes cs unix

1 month ago

Kentucky Route Zero

toplay games

2 months ago

Outer Wilds

toplay games played

2 months ago

A Short Hike

toplay games

2 months ago

Building Protocols with HTTP

“This document contains best current practices regarding the use of HTTP by applications other than Web browsing”

http standard api

3 months ago

Guess My Word

A daily game where you enter a word and are told if the target word is before or after your word until you guess the target.

games web daily

4 months ago

Tara McPherson Safety of Water time lapse video

taramcpherson art artist painting

4 months ago


An online editor for making simple games.

games bitsy

6 months ago


games toplay

6 months ago

Paul Felix

I wish this guy would create a site. His stuff is amazing.

Unofficial Paul Felix

Paul Felix Tumblr Tag

paul felix art disney

6 months ago

Games by Lucas Pope

lucas pope games inspiration

6 months ago