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Where the Water Tastes Like Wine

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2 months ago

Algorithms Illuminated

Contains video links to Youtube videos.

programming algorithms video

2 months ago

High Performance Browser Networking

book technology

3 months ago

Microworlds concept

microworlds mindstorms ian bicking

3 months ago

The Paleblood Hunt

An analysis of Bloodborne.

games bloodborne soulsborne toread

5 months ago

BYTEPATH: A tutorial on making a game in Love 2D

games programming lua love toread

5 months ago

IIIF Content Search API 1.0

The search api behind things like the Art Institute of Chicago’s Collection and Artstor.

art api

5 months ago

The Theoretical Minimum

Leonard Susskind’s Stanford class on classical mechanics through statistical mechanics and cosmology.

See the Archived Courses link for recorded lectures.

classes physics twitch towatch

5 months ago

Lospec: tools and tutorials for digitally restrictive art

art pixels retro

6 months ago

Braid: An ML-like language that compiles to Go

I’d really like for something like this to be production-ready.

ml golang programming languages

7 months ago


I remember being freaked out by this as a little kid.

towatch movies

7 months ago

Generative Artistry

Interactive tutorials by Tim Holman on making generative art using JS.

javascript art generative art programming

8 months ago

The Total Beginner's Guide to Game AI

games programming ai

8 months ago

A reading list for game designers looking to expand their conversations

games design

8 months ago

Narrative Isn’t the End, but a Means to Reach it

games books criticism

8 months ago

Augmenting Long-term Memory

Using Anki for various tasks to improve long-term memory.

memory tools anki

9 months ago

Pushing Yourself to Improve

“I believe it’s when people hit the painful threshold of having to really look and really think and figure it out, that they often push back and simply paint in such a way that merely takes a wild guess at what’s needed in each area of their painting.”

art barbara jaenicke

9 months ago


Another PJAX library. See also Senna.js and Turbolinks.

pjax web

9 months ago


A javascript animation library.

javascript animation web

10 months ago


“Bitwise is an educational project where we create the software/hardware stack for a computer from scratch.”

bitwise hardware programming educational

10 months ago