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Hacking With Swift

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2 months ago


Free voxel editor.

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2 months ago

Modeling with Union Types


2 months ago

GMUNK's Vimeo Videos

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2 months ago

Introduction to Computer Organization: ARM Assembly Language Using the Raspberry Pi

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3 months ago

Dead Static Drive

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3 months ago

VHS Revival

“An Ode to the Halycon Days of Home Video”

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3 months ago


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3 months ago

Procedural Generation SubReddit

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4 months ago

ML for the Working Programmer

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5 months ago

Real World Ocaml 2nd Edition

A preview of the second edition of Real World OCaml is available online.

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5 months ago

How These Things Work

An introductory book on computer science.

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5 months ago

How I Structure Elm Apps

A pattern for structuring Elm applications. This could also apply to Elmish.

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6 months ago

Beautiful Docs

Pointers to useful, well-written, and otherwise beautiful documentation.

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6 months ago

Data Science from Scratch

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7 months ago

ClojureScript/Reagent Game Dev Links

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8 months ago

Spellbook of Modern Web Dev

A curated and catagorized list of web development links.

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8 months ago

Ask HN: Books you wish you had read earlier?

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8 months ago

Making of: Line drawing tutorial

An interactive tutorial about making interactive tutorials

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9 months ago

Dead Cells

It’s Steam only for now, the developer has hinted at a Switch port.

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9 months ago