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Patterns in Confusing Explanations

She’s got a bunch of great stuff on her blog.

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1 week ago

A Summary of Electronics

electronics books science

1 month ago

Crafting Interpreters

books computing bob nystrom

1 month ago

A Programmer's Introduction to Mathematics

Recommended by Keith Peters

books programming math

2 months ago


rust tooling

2 months ago

GB Studio

games gamedev

2 months ago

Full Throttle Remastered

games toplay double fine

3 months ago


Track books that you and others are reading.

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3 months ago

Let's create a basic CRUD with Rust using tide

rust tide programming web tutorial

3 months ago

The Little Book of Rust Macros

rust macros books programming

3 months ago

The Rust Programming Language

A course by rtfeldman on Rust.

rust courses

3 months ago

Flash Game History

See also Gone With a Flash

flash games

4 months ago

Ferrous Systems Training Material

A slide deck covering the basics of Rust by Ferrous Systems, a Rust consultancy.


4 months ago

Zero to Production in Rust

rust webdev

4 months ago

Teach Yourself Computer Science

cs guides

4 months ago

Broken Record - Brian Eno

podcasts brian eno

4 months ago

Genesis Noir

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5 months ago

Matt Levine / Money Stuff

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5 months ago

Getting Started with Woodworking


5 months ago

Playable Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy

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6 months ago