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How to Make Good Small Games

gamedev games programming

1 month ago


Create 8 or 16 bit game sounds

gamedev tools sound

1 month ago


A modern HyperCard, keeping the same aesthetics. Uses a novel language (lil).

decker hypercard lil

2 months ago

Curl Converter

Converts a curl command into your programming language of choice.

tools programming curl networking

4 months ago

Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach

Lectures for the book.


5 months ago


An experimental OS with sharable workspaces (that sound like images). There’s not a lot of detail.

os computing

5 months ago


A JavaScript library for creating browser games quickly and easily. Created by Kenta Cho, the prolific game developer behind ABA Games.

games programming javascript kenta cho

5 months ago

Computer Organization and Design

books cs hardware

9 months ago

Hypermedia Systems

A book on htmx cowritten by the author of htmx.

books programming web htmx

10 months ago

50 Years of Text Games

This started as a newsletter about text games where each article covered 1 text game for each year over the last 50 years. It’s now a book.

games newsletters

10 months ago

Ted Kaminksi Article Archive

cs programming blog

10 months ago

Master the Go Standard Library

YouTube playlist for Golang Cafe’s series.

golang video tutorial programming

1 year ago

The Architecture of Open Source Applications


1 year ago

Classical Physics by V. Balakrishnan

Highly recommended on HN

lectures physics

1 year ago

Neural Networks: Zero to Hero

“Just watch the first lecture and try not to watch the rest”

lectures courses

1 year ago

Gallium Studios

A game studio founded by Will Wright. They’re working on the game Proxi.

games will wright

1 year ago


See Introduction to Unxtal, the assembly language, and Intro to Uxn Programming.

programming fantasy console

1 year ago

Ferris Bueller's Day Off Commentary Track

The commentary track John Hughes made for FBDO in the 1999 DVD release, but removed on successive releases. It’s the only commentary track he made for any movie.

movies john hughes

1 year ago

Neon White

games toplay

1 year ago


A small game framework structure for getting started with Haxe/Heaps from the lead dev of Dead Cells.

gamedev tools haxe

1 year ago