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1 month ago

Hybermedia Systems

A book on htmx cowritten by the author of htmx.

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1 month ago

50 Years of Text Games

This started as a newsletter about text games where each article covered 1 text game for each year over the last 50 years. It’s now a book.

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1 month ago

Ted Kaminksi Article Archive

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1 month ago

Master the Go Standard Library

YouTube playlist for Golang Cafe’s series.

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3 months ago

The Architecture of Open Source Applications


4 months ago

Classical Physics by V. Balakrishnan

Highly recommended on HN

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7 months ago

Neural Networks: Zero to Hero

“Just watch the first lecture and try not to watch the rest”

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7 months ago

Gallium Studios

A game studio founded by Will Wright. They’re working on the game Proxi.

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7 months ago


See Introduction to Unxtal, the assembly language, and Intro to Uxn Programming.

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8 months ago

Ferris Bueller's Day Off Commentary Track

The commentary track John Hughes made for FBDO in the 1999 DVD release, but removed on successive releases. It’s the only commentary track he made for any movie.

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8 months ago

Neon White

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8 months ago


A small game framework structure for getting started with Haxe/Heaps from the lead dev of Dead Cells.

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8 months ago


Toolset that combines content (YouTube, Netflix, blog posts, wikipedia, etc) with Anki to make creating flashcards easy. Also has some advanced tools like pitch accent help, etc.

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8 months ago

Baldur's Gate II

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8 months ago


toplay games

8 months ago


“Wandrer.earth is an exploration game where you win by going places you’ve never been before.

Discover hidden nooks, earn achievements, and get started on your quest to dominate the roads of your city.”

There’s also CityStrides, which looks really cool, but it’s focused on running.

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8 months ago

Lessons in Electric Circuits

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9 months ago


Low-poly modeler

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10 months ago


“Social Reading and Reviewing, Decentralized”

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10 months ago