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A code dojo that walks you through learning the SAFE stack.

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1 week ago

NHK Easy News

Japanese news in simplified language, updated daily.

See also NHK Kokokoza which has simplified videos on topics.

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1 month ago


Yomichan is a browser extension that helps you learn Japanese by adding english definition lookup for Japanese text. It also offers stroke order and can create cards in Anki.

The idea is you read Japanese sites and lean on Yomichan and Anki to aid in learning words you don’t know.

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1 month ago

Hacking With Swift

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4 months ago


Free voxel editor.

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4 months ago

Modeling with Union Types


4 months ago

GMUNK's Vimeo Videos

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5 months ago

Introduction to Computer Organization: ARM Assembly Language Using the Raspberry Pi

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5 months ago

Dead Static Drive

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5 months ago

VHS Revival

“An Ode to the Halycon Days of Home Video”

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5 months ago


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6 months ago

Procedural Generation SubReddit

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6 months ago

ML for the Working Programmer

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7 months ago

Real World Ocaml 2nd Edition

A preview of the second edition of Real World OCaml is available online.

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8 months ago

How These Things Work

An introductory book on computer science.

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8 months ago

How I Structure Elm Apps

A pattern for structuring Elm applications. This could also apply to Elmish.

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8 months ago

Beautiful Docs

Pointers to useful, well-written, and otherwise beautiful documentation.

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8 months ago

Data Science from Scratch

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9 months ago

ClojureScript/Reagent Game Dev Links

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10 months ago

Spellbook of Modern Web Dev

A curated and catagorized list of web development links.

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10 months ago