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Navy Electronic and Engineering Training Series

electronics books training

2 months ago

Developing Time-Oriented Database Applications in SQL

Direct link to the book from the author’s site.

dev databases books pdfs

3 months ago

Operating Systems: Three Easy Pieces

books cs

4 months ago

Unity in Action: Multiplatform game development in C#

gamedev books unity

4 months ago

Nihongo So-matome

japanese language books

4 months ago

A Summary of Electronics

electronics books science

9 months ago

Crafting Interpreters

books computing bob nystrom

9 months ago

A Programmer's Introduction to Mathematics

Recommended by Keith Peters

books programming math

10 months ago


Track books that you and others are reading.

books apps

11 months ago

The Little Book of Rust Macros

rust macros books programming

11 months ago

Learn Go with Tests

books programming golang

1 year ago

Tools for Thought

Tools For Thought by Howard Rheingold

books programming technology

2 years ago

Learn ClojureScript

A ClojureScript book

clojurescript clojure books programming

2 years ago

The Architecture of Open Source Applications

books tutorial cs

2 years ago

High Performance Browser Networking

books technology

3 years ago

Hacking With Swift

books swift programming

4 years ago

Introduction to Computer Organization: ARM Assembly Language Using the Raspberry Pi

programming pi books

4 years ago

ML for the Working Programmer

books toread ml programming

4 years ago

Real World Ocaml 2nd Edition

A preview of the second edition of Real World OCaml is available online.

books ocaml programming ml

4 years ago

How These Things Work

An introductory book on computer science.

books cs

4 years ago