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How to Make Good Small Games

gamedev games programming

1 week ago


Create 8 or 16 bit game sounds

gamedev tools sound

1 month ago


A small game framework structure for getting started with Haxe/Heaps from the lead dev of Dead Cells.

gamedev tools haxe

1 year ago


gamedev sounds music

2 years ago


Game library based on p5.js.

games gamedev

2 years ago


gamedev zig

2 years ago


See also this JS emulator tutorial.

chip-8 emulators gamedev

2 years ago


An implementation of Love2D targetting the web via emscripten.

love2d javascript gamedev

2 years ago

CS50's Intro to Game Development

Uses Love2D, has you creating several different games. Youtube Playlist

cs50 harvard courses gamedev

2 years ago


art tools gamedev pixels

2 years ago

Make Games with Derek

gamedev derek yu

2 years ago

Unity Learn

unity gamedev tutorial

2 years ago

Unity in Action: Multiplatform game development in C#

gamedev books unity

2 years ago

Complete C# Unity Game Developer 2D

unity gamedev courses

2 years ago

Nintendo Game Builder Garage

gamedev nintendo

2 years ago

mGBA Emulator

gb gba nintento emulators gamedev

2 years ago

Spine: 2D skeletal animation

gamedev tools

2 years ago

Solar 2D

Used to be Corona SDK. Now fully open source (MIT).

game engines gamedev

2 years ago


“a home for digitally restrictive art”

Tutorials, articles, palettes.

art retro gamedev pixels

2 years ago


Another constrained fantasy console. This ones uses wasm as the target. Supports several different programming languages.

gamedev wasm fantasy console pixels

2 years ago