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Create 8 or 16 bit game sounds

gamedev tools sound

1 month ago

Curl Converter

Converts a curl command into your programming language of choice.

tools programming curl networking

3 months ago


A small game framework structure for getting started with Haxe/Heaps from the lead dev of Dead Cells.

gamedev tools haxe

1 year ago


Toolset that combines content (YouTube, Netflix, blog posts, wikipedia, etc) with Anki to make creating flashcards easy. Also has some advanced tools like pitch accent help, etc.

japanese language tools

1 year ago


Low-poly modeler

lowpoly models tools

2 years ago


art tools gamedev pixels

2 years ago


An online tool that draws a grid on an image.

tools utilities art

2 years ago


Site for learning Kanji

japanese language tools

2 years ago

Spine: 2D skeletal animation

gamedev tools

2 years ago


Voxel editor

tools art voxels

2 years ago

Malleable Systems Collective

Promoting malleable systems (programs/solutions that can be changed by the user).

programming design tools

3 years ago


Color schema generator

design tools color

3 years ago

Augmenting Long-term Memory

Using Anki for various tasks to improve long-term memory.

memory tools anki

5 years ago


Free voxel editor.

games tools art magicavoxel gamedev

6 years ago

Procedural Generation SubReddit

tools games art reddit gamedev

6 years ago

Beautiful Docs

Pointers to useful, well-written, and otherwise beautiful documentation.

documentation tools

6 years ago

Pingdom Website Speed Test

A tool from Pingdom that analyzes the performance of a URL.

tools pingdom web

7 years ago

Sketch Wallet

A wallet that contains a small sketch book, a small pencil, and pockets for credit cards and cash.

art tools

8 years ago

Designing a Personal Knowledgebase

I have thought about and started writing solutions to this exact problem many times. I’ve played with different tools (including some mentioned in his post) and always come away disappointed. I don’t want to lock my stuff up into some proprietary tool. I’ve resorted to using this site for links, and markdown-formatted text files for thoughts, notes, ideas, and projects.

knowledge tools

9 years ago


Create interactive books using Git, Markdown and Javascript. They say that Python, Ruby and more are coming soon.

git publishing tools

10 years ago