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Hypermedia Systems

A book on htmx cowritten by the author of htmx.

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8 months ago


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2 years ago


css web

2 years ago

Saas Pages

“A collection of the best landing pages with a focus on copywriting and design.”

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2 years ago

CSS Layout Patterns

css web

2 years ago

Let's create a basic CRUD with Rust using tide

rust tide programming web tutorial

2 years ago


A web “toolkit” for Racket. There’s a nice video of the author building a url shortener here. Something interesting about this project is that it uses Racket’s contracts.

racket scheme web

3 years ago

Guess My Word

A daily game where you enter a word and are told if the target word is before or after your word until you guess the target.

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4 years ago


A javascript animation library.

javascript animation web

5 years ago

Font Squirrel

Royalty free fonts

fonts web

6 years ago

Spellbook of Modern Web Dev

A curated and catagorized list of web development links.

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6 years ago

Pingdom Website Speed Test

A tool from Pingdom that analyzes the performance of a URL.

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7 years ago

GoAccess - Visual Web Log Analyzer

Ditch GA for something like this.

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7 years ago

Flexbox in 5 minutes

An interactive tutorial that teaches you Flexbox.

flexbox html tutorial web

7 years ago

Hypermedia APIs

Talk by Jon Moore on designing a RESTful api with HATEOAS.

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9 years ago


A simple template for blogging.

blog html5 template web

9 years ago

Web Animation Resources

animation web

10 years ago


Web app that helps connect people who are looking for collaborators.

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10 years ago

How I Structure My Flask Applications

Post on Flask layout by Matt Wright. He has other Flask-related articles on his site.

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10 years ago

Modern Web Applications with Flask and Backbone.js

backbone flask javascript programming python web

10 years ago