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Data Science from Scratch

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6 years ago

Grokking Deep Learning

A book that purports to teach Deep Learning from an intuitive perspective without advanced math.

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7 years ago

PyLogo: the Logo Language implemented in Python

The link to pylogo.org no longer works, although there is a sourceforge page.

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9 years ago

How I Structure My Flask Applications

Post on Flask layout by Matt Wright. He has other Flask-related articles on his site.

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9 years ago

Modern Web Applications with Flask and Backbone.js

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9 years ago

Willie - The Python IRC Bot

ai programming python

9 years ago

Using WebSockets on Heroku with Python

flask programming python webdev

9 years ago

Problem Solving with Algorithms and Data Structures

A Python DS & A book using interactive examples. Every time I go back and check this thing, it has gotten better. You can now see the execution environment in the examples of the apps due to the book using IPython Notebook.

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10 years ago

Rapid Data Visualization, from Python to Browser on Vimeo

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10 years ago

Test-Driven Web Development with Python

A free online book by Harry Percival.

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10 years ago

Think Complexity

Free algorithms book by Allen Downey using Python. Published by Green Tea Press, which has several free books by Downey.

algorithms books programming python

10 years ago

Building Social Apps with Mezzanine: Drum

Note the time-scaled ranking algorithm that uses the database to do the heavy lifting. Found via an HN link to this post by Hypertexthero that is worth exploring.

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10 years ago

Young Coders Tutorial

The material for the Young Coders Tutorial that was taught at Pycon 2013

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10 years ago

Two Scoops of Django: Best Practices for Django 1.5

A new book on Django best practices.

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11 years ago

Udacity - Introduction to Computer Science Course (CS101)

Udacity Python course that has you build a web crawler.

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11 years ago

Codecademy: Python

The python course for Codecademy

class education programming python tutorial

11 years ago