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Berkeley AI Materials

UC Berkley’s Introductory AI course.

ai course education

5 years ago

Society of Visual Storytelling

Courses on how to tell visual stories. It includes classes from the amazing Jake Parker.

art course education

7 years ago

Brent Yorgey CIS 194 Lecture notes and assignments

Brent Yorgey’s course on Haskell. Chris Allen’s recommended way of learning Haskell. After going through it a bit, I found some problems and progress slowed, then halted. I’ll bet it’s great when you take the course…the lecture notes are not enough for self study. I personally would recommend Learn You a Haskell to dip toes in, then look for the next step.

course education haskell programming

8 years ago

Secrets of the Whisperers: operant conditioning/Skinner/motivation

A talk by Kathy Sierra on motivation. Her recent tweets on language learning have been thought-provoking.

education kathy sierra

8 years ago

Patterns of Code As Media

A “catalog of sites where code is a media object”. It covers many interactive styles of teaching, breaking them up into patterns and offering opinions on the strengths and weaknesses of each.

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9 years ago

Udacity - Introduction to Computer Science Course (CS101)

Udacity Python course that has you build a web crawler.

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10 years ago

NO BULLSHIT guide to Math and Physics

Compresses a whole bunch of math (High school math, Vectors, Mechanics, Derivatives, Integrals) into a two-week textbook.

books education math

10 years ago

Codecademy: Python

The python course for Codecademy

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10 years ago