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Select Star SQL

A tutorial that “aims to be the best place on the internet for learning SQL.”

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3 years ago

Designing a Personal Knowledgebase

I have thought about and started writing solutions to this exact problem many times. I’ve played with different tools (including some mentioned in his post) and always come away disappointed. I don’t want to lock my stuff up into some proprietary tool. I’ve resorted to using this site for links, and markdown-formatted text files for thoughts, notes, ideas, and projects.

knowledge tools

8 years ago

Learnable Programming

bret victor knowledge learning programming teaching

8 years ago

Khan Academy Computer Science: New advanced JS course: Learn to program natural simulations!

khan academy knowledge

8 years ago

Big History Project

history knowledge

8 years ago

The Buffett Formula — How To Get Smarter

Read. A lot. Think while reading.

charlie munger knowledge methods warren buffett

8 years ago

Patterns of Code As Media

A “catalog of sites where code is a media object”. It covers many interactive styles of teaching, breaking them up into patterns and offering opinions on the strengths and weaknesses of each.

books edtech education knowledge programming

9 years ago

Learn Data Science by nborwankar

A collection of Data Science Learning materials in the form of IPython Notebooks.

data science ipython notebooks knowledge programming tutorial

9 years ago

MIT SICP Lectures - YouTube

Some day I will finish reading this book.

knowledge lisp programming scheme sicp video

9 years ago