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Master the Go Standard Library

YouTube playlist for Golang Cafe’s series.

golang video tutorial programming

1 year ago

The Clojure Language

A series of tutorial videos on Clojure by Brian Will.

video tutorial clojure

3 years ago

Algorithms Illuminated

Contains video links to Youtube videos.

programming algorithms video

5 years ago

Tutor4U YouTube channel

A channel dedicated to beginner Blender tutorials.

blender video 3d

7 years ago

David Cheifetz on Gumroad

Currently, 2 videos from David Cheifetz on Oil Painting. Saw him on Instagram the other day and love his stuff.

art artist david cheifetz video

8 years ago

Clojure Tutorials by Tim Baldrige

A series of video tutorials on various Clojure topics by Tim Baldrige.

clojure programming tutorial video

10 years ago

Functional UI programming with React.JS and ClojureScript

clojurescript javascript programming react.js talk video

10 years ago

Greg Wilson - What We Actually Know About Software Development, and Why We Believe It's True

programming talk video

10 years ago

Therapeutic Refactoring

This was highly recommended by two panelists from the Ruby Rogues episode featuring Gary Bernhardt . Just watched this later (02/26/2014) and it is fantastic.

katrina owen programming talk video

10 years ago

Tim Ewald - Clojure: Programming with Hand Tools

clojure programming video

10 years ago

Clojure: Enemy of the State

alex miller clojure video

10 years ago

Web Apps in Clojure and ClojureScript with Pedestal

Seeing a demo app, then a high-level overview of the messages & queues architecture made things clearer.

brenton ashworth clojure clojurescript pedestal video

10 years ago

Clojure Data Science - Edmund Jackson

clojure video

10 years ago

Rapid Data Visualization, from Python to Browser on Vimeo

python video

10 years ago

Python Django tutorial 22 - Extending the User model with a user profile

A video that demonstrates extending Django’s default User model to include profile information.

django programming video webdev

10 years ago

Stan Miller / Daisies - YouTube

art artist stan miller video watercolor

10 years ago

MIT SICP Lectures - YouTube

Some day I will finish reading this book.

knowledge lisp programming scheme sicp video

10 years ago

Clojure Inside Out: Safari Books Online

Clojure videos featuring Neal Ford and Stuart Halloway demonstrating/teaching Clojure.

clojure video

11 years ago

Bret Victor - The Future of Programming on Vimeo

bret victor programming video

11 years ago

Kathy Sierra: Building the Minimum Badass User

kathy sierra talk video

11 years ago