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Master the Go Standard Library

YouTube playlist for Golang Cafe’s series.

golang video tutorial programming

3 months ago

The Clojure Language

A series of tutorial videos on Clojure by Brian Will.

video tutorial clojure

2 years ago

Algorithms Illuminated

Contains video links to Youtube videos.

programming algorithms video

4 years ago

Tutor4U YouTube channel

A channel dedicated to beginner Blender tutorials.

blender video 3d

6 years ago

David Cheifetz on Gumroad

Currently, 2 videos from David Cheifetz on Oil Painting. Saw him on Instagram the other day and love his stuff.

art artist david cheifetz video

7 years ago

Clojure Tutorials by Tim Baldrige

A series of video tutorials on various Clojure topics by Tim Baldrige.

clojure programming tutorial video

9 years ago

Functional UI programming with React.JS and ClojureScript

clojurescript javascript programming react.js talk video

9 years ago

Greg Wilson - What We Actually Know About Software Development, and Why We Believe It's True

programming talk video

9 years ago

Therapeutic Refactoring

This was highly recommended by two panelists from the Ruby Rogues episode featuring Gary Bernhardt . Just watched this later (02/26/2014) and it is fantastic.

katrina owen programming talk video

9 years ago

Tim Ewald - Clojure: Programming with Hand Tools

clojure programming video

9 years ago

Clojure: Enemy of the State

alex miller clojure video

9 years ago

Web Apps in Clojure and ClojureScript with Pedestal

Seeing a demo app, then a high-level overview of the messages & queues architecture made things clearer.

brenton ashworth clojure clojurescript pedestal video

9 years ago

Clojure Data Science - Edmund Jackson

clojure video

9 years ago

Rapid Data Visualization, from Python to Browser on Vimeo

python video

9 years ago

Python Django tutorial 22 - Extending the User model with a user profile

A video that demonstrates extending Django’s default User model to include profile information.

django programming video webdev

10 years ago

Stan Miller / Daisies - YouTube

art artist stan miller video watercolor

10 years ago

MIT SICP Lectures - YouTube

Some day I will finish reading this book.

knowledge lisp programming scheme sicp video

10 years ago

Clojure Inside Out: Safari Books Online

Clojure videos featuring Neal Ford and Stuart Halloway demonstrating/teaching Clojure.

clojure video

10 years ago

Bret Victor - The Future of Programming on Vimeo

bret victor programming video

10 years ago

Kathy Sierra: Building the Minimum Badass User

kathy sierra talk video

10 years ago