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Domain-Driven Design with Clojure

amit rathore clojure programming video

9 years ago

Bodil Stokke: What Every Hipster Should Know About Functional Programming

Cool talk by Bodil Stokke on the basics of functional programming.

bodil stokke programming video

9 years ago

Functional Web Architecture by James Reeves

Fantastic talk by James Reeves on the architecture of Ring and Compojure.

clojure compojure james reeves ring video

9 years ago

Clojure Concurrency - Online Training Course

A set of videos that teach Clojure concurrency.

clojure tutoriral video

9 years ago

Draw Mix Paint

Mark Carder’s videos on learning how to draw and paint.

art mark carder painting video

9 years ago

Knowledge Navigator - YouTube

Alan Kay’s updated version of a Dynabook in the 80’s. We’re still nowhere near this.

alan kay apple video

9 years ago

Hello World! Processing on Vimeo

A documentary on creative coding.

documentary processingjs programming video

9 years ago

Comic Quest - How Webcomics Work

Interesting way of delivering the message of how online comics make money. From the documentary Stripped.

comics documentary video

9 years ago

YOUNG GALAXY: Blown Minded - YouTube

The first time I came across this video I replayed it something like 7 times. I love the art by Carine KhalifĂ© (the video’s description details the painstaking work she went through making the video) and the haunting vocals of Catherine McCandless.

music video

9 years ago

The Art of Illustration | Off Book | PBS - YouTube

A short video from the PBS Off Book series on illustration.

illustration video

9 years ago

Neil Gaiman Drops Knowledge

Several videos of Neil Gaiman answering interview questions.

neil gaiman video

9 years ago

James Ransome Working with Watercolor - YouTube

James Ronsome draws and paints the cover of a children’s book.

artist video watercolor

10 years ago

Nicholas Zakas: Scalable JavaScript Application Architecture - YouTube

javascript programming talk video webdev

10 years ago

Hacked Existence - Django

A series of Django video tutorials.

django programming tutorial video

10 years ago

Alain de Botton: A kinder, gentler philosophy of success

Another recommended TED Talk.

ted video

10 years ago

Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are

TED Talk recommended by Scott Stevenson on Twitter.

talk ted video

10 years ago