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Tara McPherson Safety of Water time lapse video

taramcpherson art artist painting

3 years ago

Paul Felix

I wish this guy would create a site. His stuff is amazing.

Unofficial Paul Felix

Paul Felix Tumblr Tag

paul felix art disney artist

3 years ago

Lee Me Kyeoung

Beautiful work in acrylic ink.

acrylic ink art artist lee me kyeoung

5 years ago

David Cheifetz on Gumroad

Currently, 2 videos from David Cheifetz on Oil Painting. Saw him on Instagram the other day and love his stuff.

art artist david cheifetz video

6 years ago

Nicolas Delort

Nicolas Delort is a fantastic artist that uses scratchboard as a medium.

art artist inspiration scratchboard

6 years ago

Harry Anderson

art artist casein harry anderson

7 years ago

Wil Freeborn's Coffee Spots

I love these watercolors by Wil Freeborn.

art artist watercolor

8 years ago

Painting in pastels by JF Le Saint

This is so damn good I may have to buy some pastels. I can’t explain how much I love this.

art artist inspiration pastels

8 years ago

Yvan Duque

Also on Tumblr and Etsy.

art artist gouache inspiration linesandcolors Yvan Duque

8 years ago

A. J. Casson


art artist inspiration watercolor

8 years ago

Augustus O. Lamplough

James Gurney compiled several images of Lamplough’s. It’s hard to find images of his work elsewehere.

artist inspiration watercolor

8 years ago

Jeremiah Goodman - At Work

Love his stuff. Charlie Parker made a post on the Lines and Colors blog that has some images of his paintings.

art artist casein inspiration

8 years ago

Armand Serrano

It is incredible what some people can do with pencil and paper. Amazing.

armand serrano art artist

8 years ago

Stan Miller / Daisies - YouTube

art artist stan miller video watercolor

9 years ago

Brad Holland

art artist brad holland illustration

9 years ago

Ye Crooked Legge: New York New York

Print any of those photos out and staple them somewhere you can see every day. Simple lines (using a brush pen I’m guessing) in black and white that convey a sense of place and atmosphere , captured beautifully. You just need ink, paper, and mastery.

art artist matthew cruickshank

9 years ago

ming fan - CGHUB

Love these environments.

art artist

9 years ago

JAW Cooper

She uses ink and gouache for a lot of stuff. I love it. She also keeps a blog with process posts.

artist gouache

9 years ago

Stan Miller Gallery

I can’t stop finding these incredible artists.

art artist stan miller watercolor

9 years ago

John Salmon Watercolours

I really like his landscape paintings–bold colors with a wide value range. He’s also made some process videos that are informative to watch.

art artist watercolor

9 years ago